Hire On Corporation

175 Cornell Road, Suite #14

Blairsville PA 15717  USA  

Phone: (724) 675-8667

Fax:  (724) 675-8682

Email: info@hireon.com

For Employers

Q: When will I be charged for your service?

A: Employers will only be charged when a Hire On represented job-seeker is selected for a position. If the employee does not stay employed for at least 6 months, Hire On will replace that employee with a suitable replacement or will refund your payment.

Q: How will these job-seekers be screened?

A: Every job-seeker screened by Hire On Corp. is thoroughly vetted by a series of veracity-testing interviews to determine the candidate’s competency, quality, and level of honesty. The job-seeker’s work history, education, and background are reviewed in-depth before they are represented by Hire On Corp. A complete and thorough reference check will also be completed.

Q: Does Hire On provide any other services besides finding quality employees?

A: Yes, we can assist you with writing or editing position descriptions, conducting reference checks, or offering suggestions on how to improve your organization’s hiring practices. If requested, we will also arrange for candidate drug screening, motor vehicle records, and criminal background checks.

For Job-Seekers

Q: What does it cost to be represented by Hire On?

A: Nothing.

Q: Do I need to be interviewed by Hire On before they can represent me?

A: Yes, all job-seekers will be thoroughly vetted before being represented and shared with employers.

Q: If I’m an underclassman, will Hire On still be able to help?

A: Yes, we welcome the opportunity to work with underclassman and aid them in their internship search and professional development.