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Bill McConnell's Hire Honesty introduces a simple, yet remarkably successful way to identify, hire, and manage outstanding workers.  Employers ask, "Why is good help so hard to find?  Are good workers rare, or are we just looking in the wrong places?"  The truth is that lots of conscientious, hardworking, loyal employees with good-worker genes would love to work for you, if you are a fair-minded and trustful employer. 

It's all in the gene.  Hire Honesty identifies the good-worker gene—that underlying quality that all good workers possess and express.  The good-worker gene is a lot handier than you may think.  That's because good-worker genes are the character equivalent of personal honesty, which is inherent in every outstanding employee.  Honesty is the key.

What is honesty?  Why is it important in the workplace?  Who is honest?  How does an employer recognize honesty?  The answers can be confusing and elusive, which is why so few employers use honesty as their principal criterion in hiring. 

Hire Honesty guides employers through the hiring process in step-by-step detail from theory to application, so every employer can accurately identify good-worker genes and then successfully manage honest employees.