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Resume Screening:

A thorough, well-written job description not only attracts the right job candidates and provides legal protection for the employer; it is also an essential tool in the interview process.  After an in-depth consultation regarding the position's particular requirements and duties, Hire On Corporation works with you to create an effective job description.

Using your job description as our guide, Hire On Corporation reviews resumes submitted to your organization for any position opening. We then make recommendations as to which candidates we endorse for interviewing and second-stage screening. 

Our Services

We will work with you to customize a package of these services to meet your unique hiring needs. 

Recruiting & Placement:
Hire On Corporation provides screened, vetted candidates for your job openings.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our promise to replace our candidates or refund your fee.

Hiring Seminar:
Attend the Hire Honesty seminar led by Hire On Corporation's President, Bill McConnell.  This four-hour session includes a thorough review of the importance of workplace honesty, an introduction to interviewing using the technique of managed conversation, guidelines for appropriate interview questions, a step-by-step walkthrough of the interview process, instruction on selecting workplace references, and a review of proper on-boarding procedures.

Hire On Corporation performs first round interviews to screen for honesty and the “good worker gene."  Then we discuss our findings and assist your evaluations.  Following the interview, we perform all necessary reference checks and complete the vetting process.