Hire On Corporation

175 Cornell Road, Suite #14

Blairsville PA 15717  USA  

Phone: (724) 675-8667

Fax:  (724) 675-8682

Email: info@hireon.com

Who We Are

Hire On Corp. is a recruiting and placement firm located in Blairsville, PA. Our aim is to keep the quality talent developed in the region right here in Western Pennsylvania. Led by our president, Bill McConnell, we attract high-quality, honest employers and employees in the Western Pennsylvania region. If you are a qualified college graduate, certified technician, or an honorably discharged military veteran looking for employment opportunities in western Pennsylvania, we’d like to help you! Similarly, if you’re a local employer looking for quality employees, we’d like to help you too!

Driven by the vision and determination of Bill McConnell, Hire On Corporation combines 40 years of firsthand business experience with the advice and input of hundreds of respected business leaders. From owning an international importing company, to managing the world's top ranked hotel, to consulting with Fortune 500 CEOs about proper hiring techniques, Bill has owned, managed, and advised a wide range of businesses. He knows that whether you are a multi-national corporation or a small business, every business has the same problem: finding good people. The team at Hire On Corporation matches quality employers with quality employees so that our local economy can grow and prosper. 

Our Mission:
To help good employers find great employees, and to give great employees the opportunity to have fulfilling careers.